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Aryan is a Tech-Entrepreneur, Innovator and visionary. He directs his Research Outsourcing Artificial Intelligence firm, Tensa. Keep Scrolling down to reveal more...

Companies Aryan has founded:

Aryan's Work Background


CEO at TensaX Innovations Private Limited

Tensa is a Research and product development outsourcing firm started in January 2018. Aryan is the current CEO and oversees Technological development.


Founder Volunteer at (Non-Profit)

eazytech is a Non-Profit started in Arpil 2016 which runs tech literacy initiatives and has a team spread in 10 countries with volunteers and school-clubs.

Some of Aryan's Projects

Aryan has been making tech projects since the age of 12


Real life Search Engine

A Universal Platform wherein you could search for objects in real-life with updated in realtime using computer vision. 


Curing Corneal Blindness

With Sankara Nateralaya, a video transmitting device put within a prosthetic lens powered via wireless power.


A Dynamic Camofluage

An AI based Algorithm and sensor module that generates an instant, printable camoufluage from sensory data.


Autonomous review System

Using CV Facial Expression Analysis, with microphones to generate Anonymous reviews.


BlockChain for Organic Foods

A QR code on food packages containing a BlockChain secured code of it origin, condition and freshness.


Platform for Decentralised AI

Active research on establishing a universal standard for implementing AI with BlockChain



eazyComputeBox is a low cost, custom designed, 3D Printed  micro computer for eazytech's Sunday Pathaala.



A lightweight Linux based OS, with an interactive UI without text to empower the illiterate to use computers.



A contactless switch that can be triggered on set parameters, capable of saving farmers high voltages.


Anti-Corruption monitor with AI 

Using computer vision and NLP to detect unusual bureaucratic behaviors in govt. offices.


Retinal Disease Classification

Using Computer Vision, an algorithm classifies retinal diseases at clinics with a US firm.


Citizen Forum App / Native Apps

Created a city wide app for local problem reporting along with many native iOS and Android Apps.

Aryan's recent expedition...

To Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT) and CSAIL

In July-August of 2018, Aryan went for a 4 week summer tech-entrepreneurship programe, 
MIT Launch. Aryan was amongst the only 2  selected from India, and proved to be brillant; Recieving MIT Superlatives award: 'Most Likely to Invent the Next Big Thing', made his way to MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab and bagged meetings with professors.

News Aryan has featured in

Aryan has been featured in multiple news mediums of renouned media outlets.

Aryan makes his way to

Stanford University International Pre-Colligiate 

In August of 2017, Aryan went to Stanford University's International Pre-Colligiate programe at the age of 15 Years

Contact Aryan

Aryan is Always Available at:


C-262, Hans Marg,
Malviya Nagar, Jaipur,
India (302017)



Phone: +91-79762988093                    


Aryan pledges to change the education realm by introducing AI courses within the Maheshwari Group of Institution's Curriculum empowering 15,000 engineers.

Aryan takes a session at SKIT (Swami Keshwanand Institute of Technology) of 3rd yr students.